How to Create the Best Trade Show Booths

Visitors at trade shows are often overwhelmed. Offering them an enjoyable, peaceful experience is an effective way to draw more crowds to attend.

Swag can be an invaluable addition to your booth giveaways as it creates an immediate association between it and your brand and attendees. In addition, it helps form relationships on an emotional level which are key components in driving sales.

1. The Sphere

Branded Environments provide attendees with an engaging learning experience while helping them gain hands-on knowledge of plants. Their aim is to inspire attendees to take steps and protect the planet.

Inline booths are one of the most common booth configurations, featuring aisle access on three sides. These booths may be ideal for companies with limited budgets as they tend to be less costly than island or peninsula booths.

2. The Nest

Tents may typically be associated with outdoor events, but they’re also great choices for trade shows indoors. Many display companies provide event tents equipped with backlighting to create an eye-catching booth at trade shows and trade fairs.

Give your customers something to remember you by and boost brand recognition at the same time by handing out promotional giveaways adorned with your logo, mascot, slogan or even humorous saying. This could include anything from apparel featuring your company logo or slogan to items sporting them with a memorable saying on them.

3. The Hologram

If your brand embodies a natural or outdoorsy aesthetic, decorating your booth as an outdoor garden or farm could help set it apart from other conference booths.

Large displays that attract passersby are an effective way to inform people what your company does without needing to explain everything yourself.

4. The Meditation Booth

Have you ever visited a mall? Chances are, you have probably seen booths like these, providing quiet and comfortable places for shoppers to recharge their energy levels.

But the idea of a mindfulness booth may seem dystopian; it does not indicate any change at Amazon in terms of pay, schedules or job security for its workers.

6. The Spaceship

Companies wanting their booths at trade shows to stand out must strive for creative displays that stand out from the competition, without becoming over-the-top or excessively impressive. However, this doesn’t have to be at the expense of design.

If you want your displays to stand out, think outside of the traditional square and rectangle shape – try circular, triangular or even custom shapes that help set them apart from others and help your brand to make an impressionful statement about its identity.

7. The Meeting Room

. If your products require customers to meet with your staff directly, create an area in your booth where they can do so. Make this section of your booth stand out with banners and social media promotion, to draw even more people to visit it.

Consider tabletop backdrop banners, display stands and other large displays in unusual shapes and sizes that would work well in 10×10 trade show booths.

8. The Lounge

Many trade shows impose strict guidelines regarding what can and cannot be displayed within your 10×10 booth, to avoid creating unnecessary confusion try selecting a design style that unifies all your displays to create an eye-catching and professional representation for your company.

When shopping for banner stands, be on the lookout for those featuring unique shapes other than squares and fabrics with textures that stand out. Such features can help attract the attention of customers nearby and far.

9. The Touchscreen Stand

If your business deals in nature or the outdoors, decorate your booth to look like a garden or farm. Adding flowers to display frames or product shelves is an easy and affordable way to attract new customers.

Pop up booths often include backlighting to help make your graphics pop out from the crowd, and banner stands come in different shapes beyond square.

10. The Spiral

If your brand focuses on outdoor adventure, dress your booth like an outdoor garden or farm by adding fake grass, flowers and tractors for an authentic design that fits with its brand image.

Large displays are an effective way to attract attention from both nearby and faraway audiences. A backdrop banner that can be read across an expo hall would work best.

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