Careers in Car Sales

Car sales is an ever-evolving industry; at its center lies annual motor vehicle sales figures which serve as an indicator of consumer demand, the economy’s state and automakers’ adapted strategies.

When selling cars, patience must be extended to customers known as tire kickers. Such customers can occupy valuable selling time that would otherwise go to buyers who are ready to purchase.

Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives are responsible for greeting customers, recognizing their needs and offering assistance throughout the car sales process. In addition, customer service reps conduct research to identify new business or client opportunities as well as developing effective sales strategies.

They must also complete paperwork, merchandise vehicles, follow up on “we-owes”, tag/title work and ensure sold vehicles are prepared for delivery in time prior to customer arrival. Furthermore, they are expected to attend product and sales training courses as necessary to stay abreast of industry trends.

To be successful in this position, it is vital to possess excellent communication and product knowledge of your company’s offerings. Being able to remain calm and professional under pressure are also key qualities for this job role. In general, this role requires at least a high school diploma with formal customer service training – although bachelor degrees would be preferable.


Car salespersons assist their customers in making one of the most costly purchases they will ever make in their lives, which requires them to possess strong verbal skills and accept rejection gracefully on a regular basis. Furthermore, it is necessary for them to possess knowledge about characteristics, capabilities and features specific to automobile models as well as those found among competing models.

Car salespeople usually work on commission, meaning that they receive a percentage of each vehicle they sell that exceeds minimum wage threshold.

Customers are welcomed and assisted in finding a vehicle that best meets their budget and driving habits, including keeping up-to-date on model releases, changes in technology and new inventory arrivals. Test drives can also be scheduled with customers explaining features of each car being demonstrated; paperwork will also be completed and warranties provided, with them potentially responsible for settling disputes between car dealerships and buyers.

Finance Representative

Car salespeople often handle the financial aspect of vehicle transactions, including explaining financing options and warranties to prospective buyers. Some buyers arrange financing through either their dealership or bank; auto salespeople should be familiar with all available loans to assist customers when making arrangements for loans. Additionally, finance departments offer aftermarket products like extended warranties or theft protection packages which may be sold in conjunction with vehicle purchases.

Car sales representatives need to do more than the traditional selling. An essential part of their job is taking customers on test drives in order to demonstrate performance and features of specific models. Doing this requires both friendliness and an aggressive sales personality – something car dealership employees may struggle with!

Auto sales are an invaluable barometer of economic health and an integral component of America’s manufacturing sector. More and more car dealers have taken to focusing on customer experience as a means of attracting and keeping new business.


Car Sales Managers serve as leaders of their dealership’s sales team. They establish budgets and strategies to empower their staff members in selling vehicles effectively while offering exceptional customer service. Most have at least a bachelor’s degree with experience working within the automotive industry.

Individual new-vehicle salespeople need assistance setting realistic and aggressive monthly goals and receiving the assistance necessary to reach them. Merchandising and advertising plans must also be developed based on analysis. Finally, inventory needs daily evaluation to meet sales projections targets.

Car sales managers require more than strong leadership and management skills; they should have in-depth knowledge of all vehicle products offered at their dealership and its services as well as outstanding communication and customer service skills. Sales managers usually receive a base salary plus commission based on gross sales, earning over $100,000 annually. At CAM’s comprehensive training program for salespeople, managers, finance people to maximize revenue using AutoRaptor software for dealerships.

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