Marketing Concepts – What Has Changed?

Marketing is basically the act of consciously creating demand for products and services; and possibly including choice of a targeted market; selection of particular attributes or styles to advertise; and offering of marketing materials. Marketing involves the use of promotional tactics, methods and forms to create awareness of a product or service to the targeted group. Marketing is a way of selling. Marketing is a combination of public relations and advertising and also involves research and evaluation of market data to identify new opportunities. Marketing is a tool for the promotion of goods and services in the market place.

Marketing includes many elements but the focus at the most basic level is creating awareness of a product or service. Marketing is a very broad concept that involves many different activities in order to create demand. Marketing is a tool used by businesses to sell their products and services in a marketplace. Marketing is used by organizations for the purpose of promoting awareness of their products and services to the target group and also to increase sales.

Marketing is used to reach the potential consumers who are outside the target group and hence not able to be effectively marketed to. Marketing can be categorized into two main areas – Direct and Indirect marketing. Direct marketing myopia focuses on selling directly to consumers, whereas Indirect marketing myopia depends on making consumers aware of an associated good or service through various indirect means, such as advertisements, media publicity, trade shows and various other modes of marketing. Marketing is a very broad concept and there are many subtopics related to marketing. Marketing of products and services to the wrong target market, for example, if you are looking to promote sports cars to women, you will not get much cooperation than if you are looking to promote bikes to women.

Marketing concept is an ever changing industry and what was acceptable yesterday is not necessarily so today. For example, in the past years TV commercials were seen as a nuisance, but now they are the necessity for many television viewers. Similarly, newspapers and magazines are losing their appeal and are fast becoming a thing of the past.

Marketing concepts and ideas have undergone many changes and evolved along the way. The product concept marketers used to have a very limited idea of what the product would do for consumers. Marketing research has proved that most people don’t want to buy a product which they think they cannot use. To solve this problem, marketing research designers have come up with innovative products and services to help consumers make the best possible choice.

In conclusion, Marketing is an ever changing industry, incorporating a wide range of activities. Marketing research, customer orientation, product concept and coordinated marketing are some important factors which have resulted in the success of marketing concepts. These factors have helped in the growth of organizations and the success of their businesses. Thus we can conclude that Marketing is a powerful driving force for businesses and organizations, helping them to achieve financial growth, establish a position in the market and become successful in serving their customers.

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